1991 Corvette Convertible

Well, it’s been too long since I’ve owned one so, I found one in a color that the wife likes, it’s not “loud and stinky” like the last one, and we might actually both be able to enjoy it. It’s polo green with the saddle interior and has of course a saddle soft top along with the polo green hard top pictured.

Update 4/16/2017: It’s been a while, a long while as in a couple years, and we’ve discovered that we just don’t have time to take the car out. That being said, I’m cleaning it up to sell it, took it to the local shop to make anything that wasn’t working perfectly fixed and we had a fantastic weekend to take some pictures so my daughter and I went up to the local park parking lot and took a few with the soft top up and in the sun to show off the paint.

All the pictures of the car are now on Google Photos so to see them, just click here.