1995 Mitsubishi 3000GT

This is a 1995 Mitsubishi 3000GT that was bone stock when we got it but since then we’ve put custom suspension, brakes, wheels, entertainment, etc. on it. Well, it’s been a long time since I updated this post but I’m finally wrapping up the interior swap and customization. I used the original set bases from a ’98 that I bought with a black interior, cut the backs off, welded on the backs from some Honda S2000 seats, had custom leather covers made and… I’m happy with the results. I’ll have pics of the interior up soon, unfortunately it’s supposed to rain for the next couple of days, I’ll take the pics when the sun shines again.

I get lots of questions about the wheels and tires. The wheels are the ST-1 Face-III Beast 19×8.5 front/19×9.5 rear. The tires are Federal ss595 245/35R19 front and 275/30R19 rear. I did have to do a very minor roll to the rear wheel lips.

Finally, the original impetus for finally putting pictures up was the purchase of my son’s truck so there are a few shots with both this car and his truck.